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Give us a call to find out about the full array of services our legal team provides in helping you to claim benefits available to you as you age, and to make plans to address end-of-life issues. Our firm will do everything from helping you to protect assets in case you get sick to guiding you through the process of choosing someone to make your healthcare choices for you in case something happens and you cannot act on your own. We can also work to help you shape your legacy so you can leave your family’s life improved and leave the world a better place.

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Life in Medford

Medford, Massachusetts is located 3.2 miles to the northwest of the city of Boston’s downtown area. Medford is located on the Mystic River and it is the home of Tuft’s University. As of the most recent census, there were more than 56,000 people who called Medford, MA home.

Medford was first settled all the way back in 1630, although it was not called Medford at the time. Thomas Dudley initially named the area Mistick and this name persisted for decades until the area was renamed Meadford, which later became Medford.  Medford was the home of the man who created the fist four-wheeled roller skate which could actually be used, and was also the home of Fannie Farmer who wrote one of the world’s best-known cookbooks. One of the world’s most famous bank robberies and jewelry heists also occurred in Medford, MA.

Today, Medford has a large population of Irish-Americans living throughout the city, as well as a large population of Italian-Americans in South Medford.  West Medford has a long and storied history as the most wealthy of the neighborhoods in Medford and was once the home of many elite Boston families including one of the wealthiest men in post-colonial America.

Services for Seniors in Medford

In Medford, approximately 11.1 percent of households are made up of seniors aged 65 and older who live alone.

Seniors who live in Medford, MA may need to take advantage of various community programs and services provided for the elderly as they get older, especially if they are living independently without other family members in their homes to help them. There are a number of different programs targeting seniors in Medford and catering to the needs of those seniors.

To find out more about programs and services for seniors, you can contact the Executive Office of Elder Affairs for the state of Massachusetts. You can also look into programs in nearby areas including Minutemen Senior Services

The Law Offices of James A. Miller, P.C. can also help you to determine if there are any specific benefits that you may be eligible for based on your income level, your health needs, and whether you or your spouse served in the military. Our goal is to help you find ways to take advantage of programs aimed at enhancing quality of life and helping you to live independently for as long as possible as you get older.

Medford, MA Probate Court

An elder law attorney works to help clients avoid the probate process by making an estate plan that allows assets to be transferred outside of probate. An attorney also helps to avoid guardianship and conservatorship proceedings through the creation of an incapacity plan.

In some cases, however, you may still need to go to court. This may be necessary if a loved one has become incapacitated or passed away without an incapacity plan or without making an estate plan aimed at probate avoidance. This could also become necessary if a problem arises with trust administration or with any aspects of an incapacity plan.

If you need to go to probate court and you live in Medford, you’ll be going to the Middlesex Probate and Family Court. There are two possible places you may need to go to address probate issues: a location at 208 Cambridge Street or a location at 121 Third Street (this is the satellite location). Both can be accessed via multiple bus routes or can be accessed by taking the green line to Lechmere Station.

If you need to get in touch with the probate court, you can also call 617-768-5858 during court hours, which are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, excluding federal holidays.  You should generally have an attorney helping you with the issues before the probate court. The Law Offices of James A. Miller, P.C. can take care of filing court forms on your behalf and can represent you in hearings in probate court.

Contact a Medford, MA Elder Law Attorney

Elder law and estate planning issues are some of the most important issues that you need to address if you want to take care of your family and build a secure future. You deserve the peace of mind of knowing you have a plan in place in case you get sick. Our firm can help to give you that peace of mind by making the estate planning process simple and easy. Give us a call today to find out how the experienced Medford, MA elder law and estate planning attorneys at The Law Offices of James A. Miller, P.C.  can advise you throughout the process.