Estate planning can be a process that many people put off as long as possible. Let’s face it—few of us really relish the thought of facing our own mortality. Often, the task of estate planning becomes something we would rather avoid than face head-on. Then, perhaps a loved one passes away without an estate plan, and we see—up close and personal—the chaos that is left behind when there is no direction from the deceased. Hopefully, you come to the realization that estate planning is a task that should not be put off. Life is full of unexpected events, and you would never want to leave your loved ones to deal with questions regarding your estate while they were grieving your loss. Fortunately, there is a relatively painless solution that comes in the form of estate planning. Attorney James A. Miller can help you through each step of estate planning, ensuring the final plan is one which follows Massachusetts law while being tailored uniquely to your specific life situations.

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About the Law Offices of James A. Miller, P.C.

At the Law Offices of James A. Miller, P.C., we have a deep belief that when we develop a close relationship with our clients, which includes working hard to ensure their estate planning and elder care planning most closely fit their needs and circumstances, success will follow. We never want to be an impersonal law firm that considers clients only as a case or a number. We want your legal estate planning and elder care solutions to be fully customized plans which provide you with the solutions you want and need. At the Law Offices of James A. Miller, P.C., we focus our practice exclusively in the field of legacy planning. Legacy planning encompasses a number of issues, such as comprehensive estate planning, estate administration, and elder care planning—such as planning for a nursing home. We regularly host seminars for the general public, as well as for social workers, health care providers, and other professionals. In addition to providing you with a plan which is meant to last for your lifetime, we will review your plan every three years, giving you the peace of mind which comes from knowing your plan is always as up-to-date as possible. The founder of the Law Offices of James A. Miller, P.C., James Miller, is originally from the Natick-Framingham area. James is proud of the thriving practice he has built in his home state. We serve the needs of those in Middlesex County and Worcester County, as well as those across the state of Massachusetts. Our Massachusetts law firm is staffed with experienced attorneys and paralegals who are trained in the complex areas of nursing home planning, estate planning, probate, trust administration, financial planning and legacy planning. Our overarching goal is to take the mystery and apprehension out of the planning process, making it as streamlined and simple as possible, while still accomplishing all your planning needs.

Attorney James Miller

Attorney James A. Miller is the managing attorney at the Law Offices of James A. Miller, P.C.  James received his Juris Doctorate from Suffolk University School of Law, graduating Cum Laude. Attorney James Miller believes his education and background supply the foundation for the innovative approach he implements when helping families plan for a crisis-free future. Beginning in 1994, Attorney James Miller has been providing quality Nursing Home Planning and Estate Planning services to his clients, reaching thousands of Massachusetts residents who are concerned about protecting their loved ones from the devastating effects of incapacitation, disability, and death. James A. Miller is a member of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys and a former member of the Academy’s Board of Governors. Attorney James Miller has published numerous articles on estate planning, trust administration, nursing home planning, legacy planning, and other elder law issues. James is the co-author of two books—“A Will is Not Enough in Massachusetts,” and “39 Common Questions Consumers Have About Estate Planning in Massachusetts.” James A. Miller is currently a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, the Massachusetts Bar Association, and the Worcester County Bar Association.  Some of the community classes provided by the Law Offices of James A. Miller, P.C., include:
  • Nursing Home and Estate Planning in Uncertain Times
  • End of Life Planning
  • Are You Protected? Estate Planning in Uncertain Times
  • Medicaid Planning After the DRA
  • Guardianship Under the New MUPC

The Law Offices of James A. Miller, P.C.—A Law Firm Who Cares About Community

By providing community members with up-to-date education and legal assistance in the often complex—and ever-changing—area of Legacy Planning, James A. Miller believes he can reach and help more individuals who are uncertain about how to begin the planning process. Attorney James A. Miller champions the use of properly drafted legacy planning documents for all, helping protect families from the costs associated with long-term care, as well as protecting loved ones from the expense and delay of probate or the cost of estate taxes. A financial planner himself, James is a strong believer in using strategic alliances with members of the financial community to support his public and private seminars. By approaching estate planning challenges with enthusiasm, as well as knowledge, experience, and expertise, James A. Miller strives to make a difference in the lives of Massachusetts residents. After all, doesn’t knowing you and your loved ones are protected truly bring peace of mind?

How the Law Offices of James A. Miller Can Help Clients Plan for the Future

Perhaps you have been thinking of having an estate plan prepared, perhaps you think it might be time to begin some planning for your golden years, or perhaps you have a loved one with special needs, and you are worried about his or her future. Whatever your life situation and your needs, the Law Offices of James A. Miller, P.C., will ensure you receive the right plan for your specific needs and for your future. We do not do “one size fits all.” We believe you and your circumstances are unique, so we tailor your plan to perfectly fit you and your life. Contact the Law Offices of James A. Miller, P.C., today!
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